Friday, June 06, 2008

Sale on shiny things! Sale on shiny things!

This is a special bulletin of the Magpie Telegraph Alert System.

Elisem, who is a jewelry maker and artist of immense talent, is having a sale. I have accumulated my share of Eliseian shinies over the last while, and I love them all. I highly recommend checking out her stuff. And buying some, if you're able and interested.

Some lucky bugger wise person with great taste bought a necklace that I've been coveting recently, called Odd Dinosaur Out. In all seriousness, whoever you are, my pocketbook thanks you. Profusely. I really couldn't afford it right now, and you saved me considerable agony over that fact. It's too awesome a necklace not to be out there being worn.

Of course, then there's the marvelous sculptural necklace Bordertown Runway Queen, which is even more outside my budgetary constraints. But, damn. I mean, wow.

Seriously, go forth and oooh and ahhh.

Right then, my work here is done.

This has been a special bulletin of the Magpie Telegraph Alert System.

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