Wednesday, February 02, 2005 which there are no pictures, but rather links to groundhogs

Wow, it's Groundhog Day already. I suppose it's fitting that I should finally post today. I love groundhog day. Besides, January sucked, and doesn't deserve blog documentation.

Come on, I'm from Pennsylvania. Groundhog Day is a thing, you know? See?No one cares if Punxsutawney Phil sees his freakin' shadow or not, it's all about having fun and drinking hot drinks outside on a cold February day to the strains of the Pennsylvania Polka. Kind of like.... Mardi Gras in western PA. Er, OK, perhaps not. Don't forget Phil's albino cousin in Wiarton, Ontario: Wiarton Willie.

Here's a groundhog day thought that comes from direct experience: Imagine trying to explain groundhog day - or even what a groundhog is, for that matter - simultaneously to a two women (one Korean and one British) and two men (one German and the other Iranian). You are in Germany, and your only common language is German, which you have university classroom profeciency in. The local movie theatre is playing the Bill Murray movie (German title: Und täglich grüßt des Murmeltier), and they are thinking of going to see it. Discuss.

I tip my apple cider to you all.

This Groundhog Day, I plan to stay home for most of the day and get some work done (no, really). I'm in recovery from January. I've taken on a TA job (one tutorial section a week), a grading job, an instructor's aide position (creating exams), and a research assisstantship (8 hrs/wk), in addition to my "normal" workload of trying to finish my first general's paper, start my second, re-write my MA Thesis to be submitted for publication, and begin editing papers for a no-longer-secret Festschrift to be published by TWPL some time this year. I also have a band concert coming up in under two weeks, so I can't blow off rehearsals, as much as I'd like to. January culminated in my spending all of last weekend as the AV support for a mid-size conference. I now have to lock myself in my house for the next three weeks and write a general's paper. Seriously, except for tutorials, picking up and dropping off grading and band practice, I am in hiding.

But for the last couple evenings, I've been catching up on my TV watching and knitting.Wonderfalls has finally come out on DVD, and I'm so excited - this amazing show was killed with 13 episodes in the can and only 4 aired. I'll be finishing off watching seaason 2 of Land of the Lost tonight or tomorrow, and then I can finish season 1 of Millenium.

On the knitting front, the shiny black shrug (Shimmer) is coming along nicely during the DVD watching, but I'm not certain if I'll have it done for the February concert, which was the intended goal. The whirlwind previously known as January just took too much out of the schedule. We'll see, but I'm not holding out hope unless I maniacally knit for the next 10 days instead of work.

And that would be bad, so let's not ever mention that possibility again.

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keep knitting & stitching!